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DPS Rescue
Romoland, California
Helping dogs and cats find their forever homes.
Y-Labs Ventures
Palo Alto, California
Accelerating social change within communities through emerging technology and entrepreneurship.
Support Young Scholars
Seattle, Washington
Giving kids in need a chance to pursue their dreams from $10.
Skyword Sports Ministries
Springfield, Missouri
Spreading faith through sports so there can be more Athletes in Eternity!
Climate Cents
Culver City, California
Fighting climate change by supporting projects right in your community.
The Karat School Project
Palo Alto, California
Breaking the cycle of poverty for children and women in Africa through skills-based education and training programs.
Walnut, California
Empowering low-income students in Vietnam with access to education, helping them rise out of poverty and reach their full potential.
Leadership Mountain View
Mountain View, California
Inspiring leaders for the betterment of themselves and the City of Mountain View.
Dream for the Future
Santa Clara, California
Ending poverty in Africa by empowering children and youth with access to quality education.
Minds Matter San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Helping students achieve college success.
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Questions? We've got answers.

How can Aspired help me grow my business?

Your business can easily partner with nonprofits whose values align with yours to grow your sales, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness online through Aspired.

The nonprofit audience sees your business and can order from you through Aspired. You will be able to reach these new customers, get more orders, and donate a percentage of sales to your nonprofit partner(s) only on the orders made through Aspired. This allows businesses of all sizes to begin their journey to do well by doing good with no upfront cost, as donations would only be made on orders that you otherwise would not have received if it were not for the publicity from your nonprofit partnerships.

How do I receive orders from Aspired?

Upon signing up for Aspired, you can either have orders flow directly into your online portal and/or receive them by email.

Do I have to donate a percentage of ALL my sales?

Absolutely not. You only donate a percentage when customers choose to support a nonprofit at checkout.

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