Increase foot traffic.
Build purpose-driven brands
your customers ❤️️.

Convert nonprofit followers
into new customers

  • Increase traffic and visibility. Get featured on social media outlets by your nonprofit partners
  • Inspire word-of-mouth marketing. You'll only donate a portion of sales when nonprofit supporters make a purchase

Tap into your customers'
social networks

  • Boost loyalty and engagement
  • Enable your customers to see what other people order, and notify them when their friends make purchases from your business

Inspire greater loyalty
from local customers

  • Get more repeat customers
  • Ensure transparency and give your customers a clear picture of how your business makes a difference with every purchase

Purpose-driven brands are more successful.

4.0 times

more likely to purchase from the brand

4.5 times

more likely to recommend (champion) the brand to friends and family

6.0 times

more likely to protect that brand in a challenging moment