Press Release: Aspired Adds Co-founder Sunil Mishra

Hien Nguyen
March 2, 2022

Palo Alto, California, October 2021 – Aspired, the social impact platform connecting small businesses with nonprofits, has appointed Sunil Mishra as its new Chief Technology Officer.

In this role, Sunil Mishra will set the direction of the Aspired app and its features, while also leading the coding effort to further develop the app’s infrastructure. His efforts have already been integral to Aspired projects, helping to create a digital economy that gives everyone — nonprofits, businesses, and consumers— a simple and secure way to conduct seamless transactions and work together for the greater good.

These responsibilities build from Sunil’s previous work for MasterCard, where he served as a Software Engineer Manager. In that position, he pioneered MasterCard Cash Passport, enabling users to perform transactions in up to 11 currencies, at millions of locations worldwide.

Hien Nguyen, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aspired, explained the value of Sunil’s appointment. “Sunil was already playing a vital role in our development and growth, so promoting him to this new position was a natural move,” she said. “His commitment to the Aspired project, and his ability to turn new ideas into valuable product features, make him an irreplaceable asset.”

As a B2B2C platform, Aspired enables businesses and nonprofit organizations to form lasting partnerships. Once connected, retailers and other businesses can send a percentage of each sale to the nonprofit of their choice, creating positive social impacts in a way that consumers can see and appreciate. Aspired also functions as a direct digital marketplace, with each sale resulting in a contribution to a worthy cause.

Transparency and accessibility are key benefits of Aspired, according to early users of the system. “Through this platform, we have visibility and access to donors we would not have otherwise connected with,” said Evelyne Keomian, Founder and CEO of The Karat School Project. “Compared to other ‘nonprofit fundraising through purchases’ platforms, Aspired gives you your funds directly, and it gives you a greater percentage. This is really game-changing,” she said.

Although consumers around the world continue to show increased interest in social and environmental causes, many nonprofits have had difficulty connecting with businesses as well as individual supporters. Aspired gives all of its users the best opportunity to promote positive values, and turn their social responsibility commitments into lasting results.

Hien Nguyen
Co-founder and CEO of Aspired.
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