4 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Find Business Partnerships

Tara Garmon
March 2, 2022

It’s no secret that fundraising is more difficult than ever in 2022. With many normal methods on hold due to the pandemic and more people hanging on to their money because of inflation, the poor economy, and the so-called Great Recession, many nonprofits have found their traditional fundraising methods just aren’t working well anymore.

Since many businesses are also struggling right now, one of the best ways to break through these issues is to form strategic partnerships with struggling companies for the mutual benefit of both organizations. In the past, this was easier said than done. Many businesses didn’t understand the benefits of giving, and those that did often already had organizations they were committed to.

But with so many companies, especially smaller businesses, struggling to make ends meet, the need for these partnerships is becoming more evident and the benefits are myriad. For a struggling business, the cross-promotional opportunities that nonprofit partnerships bring can be invaluable for bringing in new customers. Plus, studies have shown that customers are more loyal to companies that give, especially when they give to organizations and causes they care about.

We’re going to look at a few ways your organization can find these strategic partnerships. Even if you’ve tried to do this in the past, the current challenges and new technologies are making this easier than ever so keep an open mind and read on.

    Promote the Benefits

 The first way to find businesses willing to partner with your organization is to promote the benefits of these strategic partnerships. Focus on what the business will get out of the partnership, such as increased traffic from your mailing list and social media and a big boost in customer loyalty from conscious consumers.

While you can throw in a few facts and figures (like those under the “Creating Goodwill” section of this article), a great story about how your organization or another one you know of has benefitted a business in a similar partnership is one of the most effective tools you can use. If you don’t yet have one of your own, there are many stories online you can tailor to your pitch.

    Think Locally

It can be especially difficult to convince big corporations to support smaller organizations unless they already have a program in place like AmazonSmile. Instead of spending time chasing down companies that are unlike to bite, focus on businesses in your local area that may also be struggling. They’ll be a lot more receptive to you, and customers will likely be more receptive to the partnership because consumers are jumping on the “Shop Local” bandwagon in droves.

3.    Ask Supporters for Referrals

Your current supporters are a great source of referrals. They can suggest local businesses they already shop at and also do some of the legwork for you in many cases. For example, let’s say one of your supporters visits the same local coffee shop every day. They could speak to the owner directly and mention that your organization is looking for partnerships and ask the owner to contact you. This saves you time and brings businesses directly to you. Plus, the business owner will also be primed to be receptive to your message since a loyal customer suggested the partnership.

4.    Use a Specialized Platform

The easiest way to form such partnerships is to use a specialized platform like Aspired. You can add your nonprofit to Aspired where local businesses can select you as their partner. Once a business selects your organization, you’ll be able to approve or deny the partnership. Once approved, the business will set up their menu or product line on the Aspired platform and the percentage of sales the business chooses will be sent to your organization’s account twice per month. It’s that easy!

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Because of the current challenges both types of organizations are facing, partnerships between nonprofits and businesses can be more successful than ever. Now is the time to take advantage of this climate to obtain more funding while also helping local businesses survive through these difficult times.

Tara Garmon
Social impact writer. Driven to help startups and small businesses succeed while providing value and making a difference in the world.
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